The Train

Our PYO site is quite extensive with the bush fruit being a little way from the car park. The train was introduced as a fun way to get to the picking area for Raspberries, Black currants etc. Our Strawberries are close to the car park so no need for a train ride.

Jupiter was built over at Moors Valley Park by Jim Haylock in 1991. She is a 240 Steam Locomotive and runs on a 7 1/4inch guage. She is driven by volunteer drivers, so any keen enthusiasts out there wanting to spend weekends driving, let me know on the given numbers or email me.

Jupiter is fuelled by good old-fashioned coal which is shovelled into her fire box with a tiny shovel. Everything about her is simple a scaled down version of an engine from the glorious days of steam.

The train is intended for all ages, our oldest having been 90 years old right down to babes in arms, dogs also enjoy the ride.

The track has been laid around the perimeter of the land, the ride round is roughly about 3/4mile long which passes alongside Hockey’s Farm where you can see various farm animals, deer, rabbits, and the odd fox.

Our little train gives you the opportunity to enjoy seeing some of the farming and scenery of our part of the historic Avon Valley. This fertile soil on the edge of the New Forest has a long history of growing food crops to supply the surrounding towns and villages.



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